Jovial in July
July 2020

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We enjoyed many family gatherings in July.  It was so nice to be out & about again!  
 4th of July celebration  
The Casazzas gathered for an all-day celebration at Luke & Kristi's place, enjoying the
access to Lake Koocanusa to the fullest.  

It wouldn't be a Casazza 4th of July without a pile of kids setting off fireworks. 

 Hanna, ready for the day when she gets to ride the real wave runner!   
 Gathering for prayer before we eat Nurse Amy tending to Carter's splinter.  Jeb is on hand because he really likes to dig
around in other people's wounds.  
Best buds, Lane & Aubrey with some of the lovely desserts.  July 4th
is also Kristi's birthday, so we had an extra reason to celebrate.
Chowing down.  Being on the water works up an appetite and the food was great! 
 Hanna enjoyed having the big kids at her little table.  Cooper goes his own way, including thinking up his own unique way of sitting down to eat. 
 Now it's time for the "old guys" to try their skills at the slack line.  
 Braden was doing tricks which resulted in this loss of balance  
 Family volleyball, always a favorite activity  

Northfork Float Trip

Jeb & Amy were kind enough to invite us along for a float trip and it was a great time. 
This was Buddy's first time to float and he took to it very well.   
 Dillon did the whole trip in that small kayak, I'm not sure my old bones could have done that!  Amy getting to fish a little
 Happy dog!  The views on this float are incredible.  
 Buddy, seeking some shade during a rest stop.  Hanging out along the way.

Another stop, this time for a gourmet meal.  These people know how to float! 

  More amazing views, looking into Glacier Park. 
 Family float photo  
 Amy's birthday  

Jeb pulled off a great surprise party for Amy's birthday.  First he took her on a great mountain
biking trip (one of her favorite activities), then she came home to find her house full of friends
and catered food.  Excellent job Jeb!  


They had a lot of fun lawn games set up to play. 


But Jeb didn't stop there - he and Eric had worked
on a surprise gift for Amy for months.  This chair 
had been in Amy's family for years, she was rocked
in it as a baby.  It had become so old & worn that
he told her he had thrown it out.  But in truth, he 
got it refinished.  Here they bring it in to surprise her.

Aubrey, growing up so fast! 

 Amy reunited with her chair, now used to rock "baby" Carson.    


 Hanna's birthday  
Luke and Kristi's daughter Hanna had a birthday on the 18th, so we 
all helped her celebrate by doing another lake day together.  
 I spent most of the day on the floating island, so didn't get many photos.  But I did get
 a lot of good relaxation time!  

A lot of eagles live out there, so you get treated to an eagle show each time you're there. 



Stahl Peak Hike  
 Jeb & Amy included us on a group hike to Stahl Peak one weekend.
 Eric & I were not sure we were up to a 5 miler, but we did fine.  It was a great trip! 

Enjoying a laugh during a rest break on the way up.

  Sophie was the only dog who came on the trip with us that day.  When she found some
snow, she went crazy for it!  

Our first look at the peak and the fire lookout on top. 

  Jeb & Eric making some repairs on the building.  Because they don't 
know how to sit still and relax.  
 The views are 360 and beautiful in every direction.  Eric having a snack

Jeb & Amy, enjoying a beautiful day out

  The boys, exploring the upper floor of the lookout tower. 
 A view out of the lookout windows Eric, goofing off during our posed photo.
 This was more what I had intended. Amy telling a good story on the hike down. 
Stahl peak, as seen from the end of the trail.    

We invited Jeb & Amy to go with us to the Tobacco Valley Rodeo and they one-upped us
by providing box seats!  Thanks to our friend Buck for sharing his box, it was fun! 

Patriotic Pup


Buddy is really intrigued by turtles

  I'm really into making dog collar decor these days.  Here Buddy sports 
his new Watermelon bandana.  It got rolled in cow poo after about 2 days. 

A rare shot of all 3 cats in almost the same place.  They usually like their space. 

  Lily likes to sleep in the sun for the warmth, but we need to do 
something about all that brightness. 

I was trying to get a shot of the owl on the door of Mark's barn here, but it just looks like a spot. 

  Costich Lake, as seen from my favorite walk


Practicing panoramic mode on my phone by taking a shot of the view from my breakfast table.



This is a better shot of the fence than of this 
sweet mother/fawn pair, but you get the idea.  
 Our trail cam - perfectly positioned for deer, not so much for elk.  We got hundreds of deer shots, about 5 of coyotes, and one elk during late June and early July. 

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