June Joking Around
June 2020

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We had some fun times in June, which you will see here.  I also had a sad time when I lost my Aunt Glenda, but knowing she loved Jesus helped to soften that blow.  She was a lovely lady!  
Date Night  

A date night to Kalispell!  We picked up take out one evening and took it
to a park for dinner, a walk, and then out for live music.  

The park was closed for pandemic reasons (stupid!) so Eric claimed that the
"Closed" signs were all part of his romantic plan to give us the park to ourselves.  

  Checking out a cool old Cottonwood.
At Casey's in Whitefish enjoying Michelle Rivers, a neighbor, friend, and one of our 
favorite artists.  Jeb & Amy joined us there to round out a lovely evening.  


Westville, OK Visit
I had a sad reason to visit my hometown in late June.  My dear Aunt Glenda Faye passed away after 
a very long battle with a rare illness.  She was a wonderful lady who loved Jesus and who will be sincerely missed.  

The ban on funerals had just been lifted during the week of her passing, so we were able to have a real funeral
for her where we saw many friends and family members.  I spent several more days afterward in Westville to 
catch up with my family and we had a great time being together. 



Eric had owned this beautiful truck for over 2 years and up until
this point, I had never driven it.  I drove it across the state from 
OKC to Westville to visit my family and sent this photo to Eric
to prove to him that it made it in one piece!  

Here, Brodie finally gets to open his birthday gifts from me.  Because of travel and 
pandemic issues, I was not able to bring the gifts to him for his March 6th birthday.  

  Fireworks!  Brodie loves to set off fireworks, so he and his Dad put on a
show for us one evening.  

One fell over and nearly shot Brodie!  That was good for a big laugh from everyone.  

  Lake day!  We spent two days on Lake Tenkiller, enjoying the sun
and exploring the shoreline.  

Brodie truly was having a good time, he just doesn't like having his picture taken! 

  Brodie & I on the Wow Max.      

That was an exciting day, as he got flipped over the back in a big wave and I went in too, 
just not as dramatically.

  A dried, tiny turtle we found on the shore.
Our good deed for the day.  We found this tire on the shore so we added it to the dock
to help boats when they tie off.  
Keith and his mini-me, enjoying a relaxing lake day.  
I went to Keith & Desirae's house after our lake time for some more adventures. 
Here I am sporting one of Mom's beautiful apron creations, because Desirae is 
about to teach me how to do tie dye.   It was fun! 

Montana Sights 

One of Buddy's favorite spots is the Historic Village in Eureka.  
Rabbits live beneath nearly every building there!  


Buddy has many fun Casazza-cousin dogs in Montana, including Sophie & Carson  The three little dogs on an adventure.  It's hard to keep a straight face when watching them roam. 

Following Buddy on yet another walk along the lake.  It never gets old!  

 A surprise hail storm caught both Eric and I out driving one day.  
This shows a river of hail stones going down our road.  
 My lilacs only bloom for a short time, but they are so beautiful.
I can remember them from pictures all year long.  


 A couple of lovely sunset views of our house during yet another walk beside the lake.





This beautiful fawn was bedded down near an area
where Eric was working.  It was a good fawn, obeying
its mother and not moving, just like she told him to do. 

Buddy the farm dog in his farm truck, ready for action.

  Eric was trying to work on the fence, but his steers were too curious to let him work in peace. 
 A view of the Canadian Rockies from our driveway. We can only see them from a 
 distance this year, as the border is closed.  Very sad for our local tourist businesses!  

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