May Mayhem
May 2020

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Dan Sr.'s 81st

The month of May kicked off with Dan Sr.'s 81st birthday.  Rose planned a surprise dinner for him with his boys and we were honored to host.  It worked out great for me, as I got to partake in the prime rib dinner in exchange for waitress duties.  Great trade!  They had a really nice time.  

Dan had been tired and didn't want to go our house that night, so he was truly 
surprised to find that he was the guest of honor and his sons were gathered all around.  

   Casazza men, well fed and sharing memories.  

Solving the problems of the world. 

  Group photo! 

Branding day!

Each spring at the D-C ranch the family gathers to do branding and other ranch chores, then enjoy a big meal.  

 Our steers we just bought with Mark for our direct-to-customer beef business.   Buddy, the ranch dog, in action. 
Buddy, following Kaitlyn's dog Scout.    Little Hunter finding out that he gets to ride in the tractor with his grandpa.  
 Dan's girls look on - his granddaughter, wife, and daughters.  And Buddy, photo-bombing.  Woo hoo, tractor time!  

Heading up to the house for some lunch.

  Hunter has been into the berries! 
Aubrey and Cooper.  Those kids can run all day!   Braden, finding a quiet spot in the mayhem.  
 Hannah with her Grandpa Dan. The ranch
 Colt, having a great day Tracie preparing the ear tags.
   Aubrey working hard

Dan, placing an ear tag. 

  Lily, making sure I'm behaving myself. 
 Eric, Mark, and Colter at the chute  Larry, providing supervision and wisely trying to avoid a role in the proceedings. 
 Jeb, offering to brand us girls on our bottoms.  He said it would be 
 even more trendy than a tattoo.   
 Lucas and Hannah, joining the action 

Buddy at the end of branding day.  He was one pooped pup! 

Eric with Gus, Larry & Mary Beth's dog.  We wonder if Gus is the 
reason that Eric was drawn to Buddy at the adoption center.  He's a keeper!  

Bull Lake & Fish Lake Trip

 We decided to be tourists in our own area and headed out one day to see some nearby lakes..   I think this was Fish Lake, my memory fails me as to which one we visited first! 

I had never seen a leach before, so Eric fetched this one out of the lake for me. Ick! 

 My handsome guy, always has to climb on something.   
Triple ick! He put it into his hand.  Gross.   A creek that flowed into Bull Lake. 

General Sights 


Eric busted me while I was spoiling Buddy.  Notice Rocket is 
completely disgusted by the whole scene.  

 Photo op along the path of our daily walk  

Cousins - Buddy & Gus, they have matching tails!

  I was trying to work on that quilt but found it hard to move it after a while.  
 Same quilt, different weights holding it down.   Twinkie gray cats

I got this puzzle for Eric for Christmas, we put it together in May.  It was so fun!  

 Rocket, validating my life-long fear of a cat getting into the dryer.    

Mark, working on the irrigation in the alfalfa field

  Uncle Tim, with a salvaged heating unit for the Cascades commercial real estate building. 

Looking back at our house while on a walk around the lake with Buddy

  Rose & Kristi enjoying the equipment along the Riverwalk trail in Eureka.  
Mark with Noah, the youngest Casazza nephew Noah with his Mom, Jazzy
Now it's Kristi's turn to give Noah some love.  

The sky showing off at sunset one evening

Buddy looking over the ranch as we took a walk one sunny day  Another view of the D-C, the Casazza ranch. 

A view toward our house on yet another walk with Buddy.  He needs a lot of walks! 

  Soaking up the sun while on his way to visit his cousin dogs at Dan's house. 
 Costich Lake Buddy and I on a walk with Mark & Eric, they do not stop with us when Buddy wants me to throw 
rocks into the shallow water, so they get a bit ahead of us.  He loves splashing around on the banks. 

Cattle drive!  Monte Benedict had wintered over 300 cattle on our land over the winter. 
Now in early May it is time to move them back to Monte's house.  They drove those
cattle all the way there, across a major highway and everything!  It was crazy to me that 
they would even try such a thing. Here they are getting ready to start. 

 A lovely Zinnia from our flower bed  


This picture at left was taken by our neighbor as
the cattle went by her house.  

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