February Sights & Scenes

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Buddy's Birthday  

I got him this fun little birthday sombrero to wear, but naturally he hated it. 

Buddy turned 3 years old on February 1st.  Of course, being a rescue dog, 
both his age and birthday were wild guesses - but we're going to roll with it.

Buddy & Eric Camping

Buddy, hopeful that part of that hamburger Eric is cooking is for him. Buddy, realizing that Eric is not sharing any part of that burger.  Ho Hum, kbble again...

Buddy is finally learning to allow himself to be covered up for added warmth.
Here he is, nicely snuggled in with Eric in the sleeping bag.

  However, as the night progressed, he flipped and flopped his way to the
other side of the tent - taking Eric's sleeping bag with him.  
By the next morning, he had made quite a nest for himself under all the warm things. Chilly morning mist

Buddy has his own Patagonia jacket (a very old one of Eric's) that has become his
personal doggie bed on climbing trips.  

  Buddy takes his job of guarding everyone's stuff very seriously.
Wait - Is that a potential intruder over there? 

After being such a vigilant guard dog, he tends to crash pretty hard on the drive home. 

  Buddy is slow to warm up to new people, but this friend seems to 
have found the magic technique.  

Snowy Day

 We had one beautiful, but thankfully brief, bout of snow this spring.  Our house, all decked out in snowy splendor.  
 Buddy, getting reacquainted with this cold, white stuff.   He's in deep now! 

His leash got caught on a branch and he got dumped on!  

  A few days later, it was back to sunshine.  Buddy says, "Yea for sun!"  
Miscellaneous Photos from February  

Buddy with his "Smooch This Pooch" Valentine's Day bandana on.  

  Lily, sitting pretty on a breakfast nook chair. 

Buddy knows he isn't supposed to get on Eric's pillow.  Here he tests whether simply
poking his nose against it counts as breaking the rules. It didn't count (by me!)   

  My Dad got this Valentine's Day card for my Mom.  It's the best one I saw this year! 

Beautiful clouds Buddy & I saw on a neighborhood walk one day. 

Eric's buddy Conner treated us to his Thunder tickets again, this time Eric and I enjoyed
them as a date night.  It was great!  
 Our nephew Colter is #3, back row, far left.  The basketball team did great this year.   

Old photos from Eric's phone

I found bunches of old photos on Eric's phone that I had never shared before, 
so here they are now.  No particular order, just good memories.  

The man and his dog around a campfire, does it get any better?  Buddy on his "Patagucci" dog bed

I'm fairly sure this is near Fern, Arkansas.
One of Eric's favorite climbing spots. 

Buddy crossing a creek at Fern.  Buddy isn't very skilled at creek-crossing
and often ends up soaked. 
One of the lovely streams at the Fern climbing area

Buddy & Eric, car camping.  Buddy is still timid about being covered
up by blankets at this stage.  He gets over that eventually! 

 Eric's buddy Jerry, who is writing the guidebook for the Fern climbing area.  
My boys in their happy place - one is exhausted from a big climb and the other is 
getting a belly rub in the outdoors.  
Handsome duo

Selfie of my boys on a road trip.  Buddy has a custom-made foam 
pad that sits on Eric's center console. 

Lily, giving Eric an assist at naptime.  Tip: you must fold all sherpa 
blankets so that the sherpa side faces outward.  
Buddy meeting nephew Lane's mini horse.  Haughty much? 
Once or twice a year, we have an all-day church gathering at the Eash parents' place.
It's always a great time.  Here we are starting the day by singing hymns.  
 Just starting our favorite walk which we take almost every day when we are in Montana. 

We borrowed Jeb & Amy's eBikes and rode to the top of Burma mountain one afternoon.
Those eBikes are fantastic! 

Of course I wrecked on the way down, but that was all me. 

  Hiking at the top of the mountain - bear spray in hand. 

Me & E at some function we attended.  Can't remember what it was! 

Buddy peeking out from beneath my dress while I eat dinner.   

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