December Sights & Scenes

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Lots of activities, not a lot of photos - but enough to help me remember a good month full of friends and family and celebrating Jesus.  

Yuki and I had recently attended a Thunder game together where we were in the 
"cheap seats" - two rows from the top.  

Eric's friend Conner offered us two tickets for a game one night and we were amazed
to find out what a great offer it was.  We were practically on the bench! As we approached
our seats, I think Yuki wondered if I was making a mistake and was about  to get us thrown 
out for trying to walk onto the court! 

  Tip off

Yuki & the team

 Half-time show - amazing balancing tricks  

This shows Chris Paul to the left, who seems to be a very positive, professional guy and 
the next player over is Danilo Gallinari.  Some friends of his made a song out of his name
and I swear, it will get stuck in your head for days.  Here's a link to the song if you too 
would like to be singing his name for days.

This guy is fantastic - Thundor.  He goes to every home game to taunt
the opponents when they get a free throw. There is an article about him here.  
 One shot of a Christmas party at the BCM - they had different crafting stations set up
 so the kids learned more about the Christmas story while doing an activity.
Dinner and Christmas light viewing with three Japanese friends

Eric and I enjoyed another Thunder game mid-month, thanks to our financial advisor.  
This one wasn't as close seating-wise, but was a first class experience in a suite
with an excellent dinner provided. As well as the amazing dessert cart! 


   I hang and display all of the Christmas cards I receive.  I love looking at
 them repeatedly and thinking about the friends I've known over the years.
 Thank you all for sending your cards, I love them! 


The groomer took this Christmas photo of Buddy for us.  I love the 
sentiment, but he looks a little distressed - probably hates being so clean.
 Lily LOVES to be warm, whenever we use this heater, she plants 
 herself right in front of the blower and luxuriates in the heat.  
Eric & I opened our Christmas gifts early - the cats think our discarded paper is a gift to them. Do you think he knows that he is not supposed to be on Eric's pillow? Guilty much? 

I was trying to make the bed, but this one planted herself right in the middle.  So I 
decided to turn it into a kitty photo shoot instead.  

This is the face he gives me when he feels he is due for a walk or a fetching session.    


My Japanese friend Yuki came over for a visit 
one day and captured this awesome shot of
Buddy in our back yard.


My 50th birthday was on Christmas Eve, so my parents treated the family to a lovely
steak lunch in Siloam Springs on my big day.  


  The Morton girls
The Bloomers spend Christmas Day with Keith's family, so this was the Christmas lunch 
my mother prepared for 3 people.  Yes, 3 people were expected to eat all this - plus pie!
It was excellent as always. Mom is a great cook, I have no idea why I am not. 
We needed to walk after that amazing lunch, so me & my parents headed over to Cane Hill
to do some touristing.  

Here's the info board on the college's history.

This community has a festival each year where they use an old-fashioned sugar cane mill
and sell the molasses they make there. This is also the site of a Civil War battle.   

Cane Hill College - the first college in the state of Arkansas.  

Great photos of Mom & Dad, if I do say so myself. 

On the 27th, I went back to OKC just in time to unpack one suitcase and pack a new one 
for an early-morning flight to Montana.  Feisty tried her best to prevent me from packing again. 
Mom & Dad's cat Waldo is passionate about eating the seeds off of these weeds that grow
around their house.  They sent a few home to my cats as Christmas gifts and it turns out, 
my cats enjoy them too. 


When we go out of town from OKC, we have the
best pet sitter in the world.  It's our friend LaLisa,
who was Buddy's foster mom before we adopted 

He is already comfortable with her and her home,
and there are always other dogs there for him to
play with.  He loves it.  Except that this time she
had Louise staying with her, who did not care for
this strange yellow interloper.

Montana was cold, cloudy, and beautiful.  These two photos were taken on the only walk
I managed to take in 10 days.  I have to get tougher, and get better cold-weather gear. 
Looking over the frozen lake and the snowy Whitefish mountains. 
The day I arrived, Eric came down with a bad cold or flu (we never knew)
and was sick for the entire 10 days I was there.  Thankfully he recovered 
in time for our return flight. This is his, "I'm sick and about to die" outfit. 
One of the highlights of the trip for me was an evening out with friends
where we chatted and also played this fun riddle game.  
As we drive down our driveway away from our house, we look straight at the Canadian Rockies.
I try endlessly to get a photo of how beautiful they look, but it's always just a smudge.  So...

Keith Taylor to the rescue!

Keith is a local photographer who is so good, he almost makes me want to put my camera away forever in shame.
But instead I will just show you some of his photos every now and then.  You can view his work here.

Buddy and the cats are not pals, but after we'd been away from home for two full weeks,
none of them were willing to give up the right to sleep with us.  

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