November Sights & Scenes

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Desirae's Halloween Extravaganza  

Due to scheduling conflicts, Desirae had to host her annual Halloween
party in early November.  She outdid herself again this year, it was amazing! 

I show only a fraction of the many amazing, decorations she puts out.
Most of them are hand made and they go all the way across their property.

In case you didn't get to see this fine fellow well enough in the previous photo. 
He is climbing out of the graveyard. 

 Graveyard complete with snake skeleton  
 Chicken skeleton I think it made the actual chickens a little nervous! 
 Bloody footprints heading down the hallway  Monster legs on the table

Mom, aka Green Army Guy, at your service. 

 All of her "normal" decorations come down and the house transforms for this party!   

I was a skeleton, complete with creepy hands and the lovely necklace Brodie made for me. 

 We always knew Keith was a Chick Magnet!   

I caught a photo of Dad in an actual smile! 

 Bloomer family - ready to party  

Party games with the crew


November Happenings


A lovely sushi lunch with friends - Rayliegh, Ariel, Elim, and David

We attended the Lebanese Festival where Eric purchased a strawberry cake made 
by Sue, our friend Gary's wife.  Gary didn't get any of the cake, so we sent this to him
to make sure he was plenty jealous!  


 Thanksgiving!  Brodie made me this necklace for Christmas, but was kind enough to 
 let me have it early.  He is so sweet! 
Mouse trap - Mom was not allowed to play, it is well known that she cheats! 

Some photos of Buddy having fun at The Dog House - his doggy daycare

This German Shepherd is a particular friend of his.  Cutie pie

I think he's getting a bit more attention than he likes, he's hoping for rescue! 

  Sloppy kisses from his girlfriend.

We've been allowing Rocket outside every now and then for the first time in about 8
years.  He LOVES it.  Here he is thinking he's a mighty hunter. 

 I entered Buddy and Lily into a newspaper contest, but only later learned it's a 
"pay to vote" deal.  So, they didn't win - it was rigged!  I didn't manage to scan the photo
of Lily, but it was adorable.

Our house all decked out for Christmas.  Lovely! 

I still appreciate that cross Dad made for me years ago, we get compliments 
on it every year.  

I brought a balloon to festoon the spin bike of my good buddy Chuck 
for his birthday.  He really appreciated it, I could tell.  :-)  

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