October Sights & Scenes
October 2019

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This was our transition month, moving from Montana to Oklahoma mid-month.  We had a few final Montana adventures before we headed south.  
Fernie, BC  
I had been feeling the effects of going several months without access to Indian food.
Eric rescued me with a trip to Fernie, BC - which boasts several Indian restaurants. 
Fernie is an exceptionally beautiful town.  We did a little driving tour and took a walk
after our excellent lunch. 
 Fernie is nearly surrounded by mountains so you get good views all around you.  
My boys wait and watch from the car, wishing I'd hurry up and stop taking pictures.

Glacier Park Biking with Amy

My next brush with grandeur was an outing with Amy.  Once again the Going to the Sun
road was closed to vehicle traffic, so it's open season for bicycles.  Awesome! 
 These views are always amazing, but somehow even better from a bicycle seat.   Lots of snow in the high country already, hence the road closure.
   Amy won't pose for photos very often, so I got an action shot. 

I, however, am a poser.  :-) 

Visiting with Uncle Tim
We were blessed to hang out with Uncle Tim several times while he was in the area  
Parting Looks at Montana

Our trail cam go nothing but skunks this month - and lots of them! 

3-day Drive from Eureka to OKC
Status for most of the drive:  Driver's lap - Rocket


Driver's feet - Feisty (We don't like her to be there, but she does insist.) 


 Co-pilot - Lily


Passenger foot well - Buddy
The girls getting cozy in one of the hotel rooms.  They normally hate one another, but they call 
a truce during this drive every time. 

Feisty acting as co-pilot for awhile.

  We have to keep driving straight when he's like this to avoid waking him up.  J/K! 

BCM Camping Trip

 I got back just in time to join the BCM on a camping trip for the International Students
 at OCU.  However, I wasn't tough enough to camp out on that cold night, so I arrived early
 the first morning.  
It got into the 30's the night before and those kids were very under-prepared.  They froze! 

Warming up with a hike to the top of the bluffs.

  Erosion patterns that form a stairway into the rock.  My kind of hiking! 

Later in the day, another hike with a different group of kids.

  This hike's most memorable feature was more goat heads than I've ever
experienced in my life.  They were miserable.  My needle-nosed pliers 
got a good workout that day! 
 The bluffs Rappelling warning sign, "Accidents have resulted in serious injury and death."  
Nice. And nearly every student wanted to do it! 

Me, after yet another hike with some other students.  

 Our closest call of the day.  This student got scared and fell on his butt at
 the top.  Thankfully he didn't let go of the rope & they were able to pull him up. 

Jenny on the Road - Bartlesville

Jenny Doan, founder of Missouri Star Quilt Company, did a road show in 2019 and I was
very blessed to attend it.  The show was fantastic.  She is a great public speaker and teacher.
Jenny has transformed Hamilton, Missouri into a quilting mecca.  Her impact is amazing. 

Girls' (and Brodie) Weekend in Branson

For the past few years, Mom, Desirae, and I have enjoyed a girls' weekend in Branson, MO each fall.
This year we decided to spice things up by including the amazing Brodie. He was a great addition to the group. 

 Sword fighting with sticks while we wait for a table at Shogun Shanghai Acrobats - amazing.
Brodie participating in Dolly Parton's Stampede show, getting a thumbs-up from the cowboy. Our wild gang. 
On our last day we did Old Time Photos, it was a lot of fun.  
She told us to look at each other... But we couldn't keep it up for long.  

OKC's new Scissortail Park


OKC built a large, new park while we were in Montana.  We decided to check it out
one lovely evening. 

  Buddy approves of all parks that allow dogs. 

BCM Thunder Game


The BCM hosted a night out at the Thunder this month.  Eric, our friend David, and 
his son Elim joined us, as well as my Friendship Family buddy Yuki, friend Jerry, and more.

I volunteer with the BCM at Oklahoma City University, which mostly means
going to fun events and enjoying the company of great international students.
Great duty if you can get it!   




Group shot on the court after the game.  I'm in the far back left beside the blue sock cap.


New Bloomer Cats 

The Bloomer clan (my sister & her men-folk) adopted two adorable kittens this month.
They are SO cute! This is Gingy.

  This is Shadow.



Cuteness bull's eye

 Buddy - guarding the perimeter with his buds at doggy day care  
 Eric took Buddy camping, but he was freezing.  Eric convinced him to get 
 inside the sleeping bag, at which point Buddy became very comfortable &
 Eric's sleep ceased being peaceful.  (He chased a lot of rabbits in his sleep!)



I usually do my grocery shopping very early in the morning after my gym time.
The Belle Isle area of OKC always has a frightening quantity of birds in the morning.
It makes me feel like I'm in a Hitchcock movie.  

  At English language practice with the BCM on Halloween, I voted for this
outfit as my favorite costume.  No idea what's going on here, but I love it! 

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