June Sights & Scenes
June 2019

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I have packed a LOT of pictures on this page.  Warning: you will have to wade through many, many pictures of our pets and some eagles if you want to make it to the end of this page.  I think you can do it, you have the fortitude.  Onward! 

Stillwater Canyon Day Out with Brad & Jennifer


Our friends Brad & Jennifer invited us to a day out in the Stillwater Canyon area
one Sunday.  It turned out to be a total VIP experience!  We had two wonderful
camp meals, enjoyed playing with their two lab puppies, rock climbing, and hanging out.

  The girls - Cocoa and Pebbles, 9 months old.
 Buddy, thinking that surely this classy camp sandwich was for him.  At Drive In Theater - a rock climbing area
 Eric, doing a tough climb. When he did this part, two onlookers said, "Wow, he did that so smooth!"  

My Subaru, being out in nature and doing what Subarus do best! 

 Lovely area for hanging out with Buddy while they climbed  
The climbers, cooling off their abused feet after a day of climbing in the hot sun. The scene of our super-fancy steak dinner, totally provided by Brad & Jennifer.  We were spoiled! 
Just before we left, Jennifer took these two photos of us which I love.



Around the House


It has been a cold summer so far.  All through early June we kept getting fresh snow in the mountains.

  Later in June it warmed up enough for my lilacs to bloom.  They are so beautiful. 
This one blooms right outside my office window, so I can get the smell wafting in and watch the bees
& hummingbirds coming to enjoy the blooms.  It only blooms for about 2 weeks, but they are nice weeks! 
   Eric and Mark out on the tractors, putting in an alfalfa field on some of our property. 


Our house and the mountains in mist. 


  Walking over to the alfalfa field, the mountains were showing off that morning. 
Hurray!  We finally have a cattle guard on our road.  Here Eric and Mark put it in. Mark was a wizard with the skid steer.  

They had almost finished the project before the cows discovered the huge hole in the fence. 
Here Eric fills the gap while Mark drags a panel fence over to keep them in. 

  We've had a lot of eagle activity around the place lately.  
This view is part of my daily walk with Buddy, and with Eric when he's in town.  It's wonderful. Another stop along the walk allows views back toward town. 

The end of the walk gives a nice view of our house and the lake, and sometimes the very 
craggy, beautiful peaks of the Canadian Rockies.  

  We've been blessed to have swans on the lake this year.  Sometimes two, sometimes three. 
Not sure what's going on with the third wheel, but I've heard that everyone who lives in Montana
gets guests in the summer!   :-)  

They are so majestic looking the way they glide around so peacefully.  



Buddy took to sleeping outdoors on the sleeping porch very well. In fact, he liked
it so well that he stopped getting up in the mornings.  I finally have to make him
get up around 9 or 10 am!  
Here I bring him breakfast in bed.  (He gets some fiber supplements in the form of pumpkin & carrots.) 
Turns out, eating is just too much work, he would rather sleep in the sun. I posted this on Facebook with this caption: 
Attention all cats who reside in this house: This raccoon is mine. Also this squeaky Kong ball. 
This black fuzzy toy, it belongs to me. The alligator chew toy is mine as well. Cats, keep your distance.

Turns out the living room end tables also make great cat beds.

  And the foot stool makes a great dog throne. 

When we built the screened porch, I asked the builder to make a "coffee cup ledge".  
This is because I was too embarrassed to admit that I really wanted a "pet viewing platform"! 

  Doesn't this make you want to put your face right in the middle of all that sunny softness? 

On a walk on the Eureka Riverwalk in downtown Eureka.  I'm trying to train Buddy to pose for
pictures.  He will stay when I tell him to, but when I squat down to take the picture, he almost 
always comes running to me.  We're still working on this trick, but he nailed it this time! 

A rare glimpse of 3 of the 4 pets in one small area.  I don't think Buddy 
was best pleased by the presence of the cats in his space.

The pets sure spend a lot of time watching the wildlife from this wonderful porch.  

  I'm sorry, she is just too cute.  

Lily used to dominate Eric's morning Bible reading time.  Now each day
is a race to see whether Buddy or Lily will get the coveted job of putting
Eric to sleep.  

   A little to the right....yeah, that's the spot.  Wait, back to the left...
Buddy trying to be Mr. Big Stuff by barking at the cows.  What he didn't know was that these 
cows are super curious.  They did a mini-stampede to come check out the small, noisy creature.
When he saw that his plan of scaring the cows did not work, he wisely retreated to the other side of the fence.
 On one of our many walks around the property. Happy much?! 
Buddy is afraid of water, so I throw rocks in around him and he splashes into the edge to see
what made the sound.
Wish this came out clearer.  It looks like he figured out my evil plan to get him
into the water and his poo-pooing my idea! 

Muddy Buddy, heading for home and my wood floors. 

 Wet dog.  Aren't you glad this isn't smell-a-vision?  

Eagle Experience

One morning Buddy and I discovered two eagles were hanging out in our side yard. 
This one sat on the fence post of my garden for about 45 minutes.
The other one flew over to eat something in the tall grass.  We discovered later that it was 
(ick!) a deer head.  We never found any other parts of the unfortunate deer.   

Landing in the grass

  Wishing I would go away and let him eat in peace.
Finished with his snack, off to fly around a bit.  The tree branches ruined this shot, but I still loved the detail of his wings.  
 These two shots show those little birds that so often pester the eagles when they fly around. I would not be brave enough to pester an eagle, they are fierce looking creatures! 

Meanwhile, back at the garden... feathers are a little ruffled.

  The other eagle (the eater) has now settled on one of our fence posts.  
I know you're sick of eagle pictures by now, but here's a cool one of both of them flying off.  That's it!   

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