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May 2019

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This was a great month full of sunshine and activity, and our transition to Montana!  

Our long-time friend Michael found his true love here in OKC and is now married.  

We started the month with a beautiful garden wedding.  

Moving to Montana

Time for 3 long days in the car as we move our animals and me to Montana.   Looking pretty perky for day 2.  
 These girls are mortal enemies until we make this drive, every time we're driving
 they climb into the same crate together and sleep for hours. 
Rocket used to move between my lap and Eric's, but Buddy now dominates my lap.
I think Rocket prefers Eric's lap anyway.  

Climbing with Tanisha


We arrived on a Saturday night, and were blessed by a visit from Tanisha the next morning.
She went to church with us, came to the house for lunch, and then we were off for many 
hours of climbing.  The weather wasn't perfect, but it was certainly good enough to have fun! 

  Tanisha mostly boulders, but she was great on some really hard routes! 

Buddy kept me occupied with petting him while the climbers did their thing.

  Each time Eric climbs, Buddy needs to be reassured after he comes down.  
   Stealing a kiss
You can't beat the scenery around Stone Hill.  

Settling In


Looking out from our front yard, a little snow still clings to the mountain tops. 

  I was working in the garage one day and came in to find this...
 and this... and this...  Everyone seems to be comfortable back in this house already. 
Buddy is not only a farm dog, but also a heavy equipment dog too. And he's a very muddy Buddy.  Look at those dirty paws! 
Scenes while walking back from the field where Eric was helping with an irrigation project. Looking at our house and barn on the walk back. 

This eagle spends a lot of time in this dead tree, resting between bouts of hunting.  
We are blessed to watch him out our windows very often.  

  Some pretty woodpeckers hanging out on our fence.  
Eric doesn't love them, but I appreciate their beauty. 


I decided to show Lily a "cat entertainment video" from
YouTube one day.  I had to shut it down because she
was attacking the monitor.  

Nephew Erik's golf team

  Nephew Colter in the Featured Athlete of the Week article from the local paper. 

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