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April 2019

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We got up to lots of adventures in April, good times! 

The best kind of friends are the kind who show up at your house with home-cooked dinner! 

  Practicing chipping and pitching in the field behind our house after dinner.
25th Anniversary  
On the night of our 25th anniversary, we took Buddy and a take-out dinner to Arcadia Lake.  It was great.   

Fern Trip 


To celebrate the successful end of Buddy's long and trying heart worm treatment, he
went on a climbing trip with Eric to Fern, Arkansas. 

After two months of inactivity, he was exhausted by the end.  He slept like this
for the whole 5 hour drive home! 

Campfire Night

One of our favorite date nights is a campfire at Arcadia Lake, Buddy loves it too! Cuddles and a fire, awesome! 
Beautiful sunset Me & my Bud
The boys telling campfire tales  

Christian's Birthday Party


Our lovely table

At a lovely dinner party for Christian's 40th birthday  

"Happy birthday to you..." 

Assorted pictures from April

Linh and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon 
at the annual OKC Arts Fest.     


These ducks hang out on our street, and in our front yard often.

My Mom shared this cute picture of Brodie.  He was planting apples under
the chickens at the Amazeum in Arkansas for the other kids to find. 

I was honored to meet Yen's parents one nice afternoon.  
We took a walk together at Bluff Creek Park.  

   Each week the Eureka, MT newspaper is full of stories and pictures of our nephew 
 Erik for golfing, and our nephew Colter for pole vaulting.  We are proud of them! 

Buddy was relaxing in the sun until Lily decided to approach the sunny spot.  
Now he is wondering if she's going to be sharp and prickly.  He does not 
understand the cats in the least.  

Feisty can tell when Eric is almost finished preparing his dinner, and she sits
in his chair each night.  She then tries to share the chair with him in hopes 
that she can nab a bite when he's not looking.
Buddy is thrilled to be able to go outside unescorted again.  
He loves to soak up the sun from a cushy seat. 

Bishops Gate Remodel 

Eric was super kind to me this month and allowed me to remodel our house.  
We did the kitchen and bathrooms.  I absolutely love it! 
Eric picked out the backsplash and it totally makes the new kitchen!  


The half bath after the update. 

I did my bathroom in "glam" style.  I think of it as the style of an aging Hollywood film star.

  My "glam" bathroom decor includes this chandelier.  Eric thinks it's over the top! 

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