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Korean Lunch with Linh




One afternoon we had a hail storm that made some pretty large hail.
We had only been home for about 5 minutes, we were lucky that we 
had the car in the garage in time! 
Later that evening, we had an amazing lightening storm that seemed to go on for an hour.    

Our sweet and talented friend Mavis drew this cartoon of me, Eric, Buddy, Mavis, and Yen.  I love it! 

Steven Adams Signing

Metro Ford sponsored an autograph signing event with Thunder player Steven Adams.
My Friendship Family friend Natalie is from New Zealand and really wanted the chance
to meet her fellow Kiwi.  The weather was not our friend for a day of standing outside
for two hours.  The icy cold wind blew at about 25 mph, but we hung in there.  We were
some of the last people allowed through the very long line.  

  Our buddies Yen & Mavis were crazy with us.

Mavis & Yen with their signed jerseys.  

 I love the way you can see the drastic size difference between Natalie & Steven Adams in this picture.  
 Steven stopped and chatted with Natalie for as long as the event people would allow. Hey, if I stood in line in the cold for 2 hours, I might as well get a photo too, right? 

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